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Brzak was a human-based B.O.W. created by the C-Virus. It was encountered by Leon and Helena within the depths of the ancient catacombs that lied under the Tall Oaks Church. It's name is derived from the Serbian word for "Rapids".


Brzak was created by The Family as part of their research into the C-Virus. It was later used by the staff at the Tall Oaks Catacombs facility as a waste processor, consuming computer equipment as an elaborate means of destroying incriminating data. The staff also considered dumping corpses into the water, though Brzak was noted for a lack of interest in corpses; in both cases, the object had to be pushed around to give the impression of being alive.[1]

When the Family abandoned their facility, Brzak stalked US agents Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper in the underground, following them down an underwater river. It was killed when a barrel next to it containing inflammable liquids was shot at and exploded.


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