"Provides protection against weapons fire. Can be worn with the Melee vest."

The Bulletproof vest, is an item that can be bought from the store in Resident Evil 5 for ₦10,000 at Chapter 4-2 and onward. It has a resale value of ₦1,000. While wearing the bulletproof vest, the character receives less damage from being shot by any kind of projectile. As there are far fewer enemies with projectile weapons than there are enemies with physical attacks, the bulletproof vest comes in handy during Chapter 4-2 onwards. The major drawback to it is that it takes up a slot in the inventory, further reducing the limited carrying capacity. It can be worn at the same time as the melee vest.

When wearing the bulletproof vest, it is only visible to Chris and Sheva's BSAA uniforms and will not show on their alternate costumes.

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