Over the years, Capcom has released numerous bundles for the Resident Evil games. Most are Special Editions, while others have multiple games.

The Essentials

File:5110PMqUk0L SS400 .jpg

A Resident Evil 3-game bundle only for the Playstation 2. The games are as listed:

  • Resident Evil 4
  • Resident Evil Code: Veronica X
  • Resident Evil Outbreak

All the games, except Resident Evil 4, have slight enhanced graphic, better sound output, and increase of firepower in guns (by 1.0).

Gamecube 10th Anniversary Collection

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Same as the Essentials, it came with 3 games for the Nintendo Gamecube. The games are as listed:

  • Resident Evil 4 (Player's Choice)
  • Resident Evil (Player's Choice)
  • Resident Evil Ø‎

No gameplay or sound was changed for this bundle.

Biohazard Value Pack


Only released in Japan in early 2009, the bundle included:

  • Biohazard 4
  • Biohazard Code: Veronica Complete

This bundle was recently released in February 2009, but only in Japan. It is unknown if this will be released in U.S or Europe, since the Essentials have already been released but only in U.S and Europe.

It's been rumored that it could be brought over the the U.S, but the games having the Japanese boxarts..

Biohazard 4 Gun Replica bundle


Only released in Japan, this special bundle came with an exclusive replica of Leon's guns:

  • Red9
  • Handgun
  • Blacktail
  • Punisher

They were only 1/5 of their actual size, because Capcom was worried that they would be mistaken for real guns. None are being made these days.

Pure Evil

File:51RvwHzi-vL SS500 .jpg

This bundle was an America Exclusive, which came with the following games:

  • Resident Evil Ø
  • Resident Evil‎

This bundle is considered as a collectible item, since none are being made anymore. Only the games were included, not the cases to them, so 4 discs were in the case and 2 manuals were included, and the optional memory card holder was not in the case.

Resident Evil 4 Limited Editions


This special edition came in a tin and came with these items:

  • A Fake Tin (Plastic)
  • A Special Edition BradyGames Strategy Guide
  • A scrapbook with character and enemy files
  • A bonus disc

This was only released to any Gamestop customers by means of pre-ordering. The PAL version also came with a tin, but was a real metal tin with a picture of a bloody hand print. This only came with the game, everything else from the US version was not included in the tin.

RE4 PAL Limited Edition
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