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"A homemade flamethrower crafted from junk. Needs fuel to burn."
— Inventory description

Burner (バーナー bānā?) is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Burner does damage over time with a single stream of flame. The player can continuously deal damage by holding down the fire button. Marguerite in her mutated form along with her insects, are susceptible to the Burner. The weapon's effectiveness drops when used against any other creatures, as it lacks stopping power and does minimal damage against them. It takes up two inventory slots, uses Burner Fuel as ammo, and holds 150 ammo at a time.

The Burner also has an exploit where the player can deal more damage per second by increasing the firing rate, but it also expends ammunition at a faster rate, which can be achieved by holding down the primary fire button and repeatedly tapping the aim button.

Main Game[]

The Burner is made by combining the Burner Grip and Burner Nozzle.


The is Burner part of the "Burner Set" reward unlocked when the player accumulates 80,000 points. Once unlocked, it can be crafted for 150 Scrap.

Jack's 55th Birthday[]

The Burner can be found during the stages "Main House 1" on Main House 1F in the Garage, "Testing Area 2" on Testing Area 1F in the Party Room, and "Main House 2" in the Processing Area in the room with the bathtubs.