Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Mr. Burnside was an employee of Umbrella imprisoned at Rockfort Island.


Mr. Burnside, while working for Umbrella was discovered in 1998 to be selling sensitive data regarding their B.O.W. development onto the black market without permission. He and his son, Steve are kidnapped and imprisoned on Rockfort Island. His wife on the other hand was gunned down.

Some time prior to the Rockfort Island outbreak, Mr. Burnside was infected with the t-Virus in one of Alfred Ashford's insane experiments.[1] Burnside managed to write a note to his son before succumbing to the effects of the t-Virus and degenerating into a zombie.[2] When he attacked Claire Redfield, Steve - who was accompanying her - gunned him down, moments before he would have bitten Claire. This left Steve in complete shock.


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