The Burst-Fire Handgun is a Weapon card in the Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is the "special weapon" of the Handgun deck in the Resource Area. It is much harder to acquire due to the number of number of Handguns in the deck. The gun's effect gives it +20 Damage if it used alongside another Weapon when the player Explores, making its total Damage 40. The gun is especially deadly in the hands of Leon S. Kennedy, who's Handgun related effects allow him to not only use handguns with 10 less ammo than necessary but also use the Handguns twice in a row if the player has the ammo to use with it. This potentially allows Leon to use only 40 ammo to deal 80 Damage (if another weapon is being used alongside it of course). The Gold Cost is 60, the ammo requirement is 30, and the base Damage (without effects of it and other cards) is 20.


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