"A handgun that can rapidly fire up to 3 rounds. "
— Item description

The Burst Handgun is a weapon found in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

The Burst Handgun is a three-shot burst gun, making it useful for close range fights with zombies. However Kevin Ryman and Alyssa Ashcroft cannot perform pot-shots with it. The gun uses special Burst Magazines instead of Handgun Magazines; The former only appearing in File #2.

In the original game, it is only found in the night reception of the Hive scenario on Easy and Normal. It can also be obtained in the rooftop on Hard and Very Hard. It later appears on the Platform in the Underbelly scenario, and in the East Office at the Raccoon Police Station in Desperate Times. Another handgun is found inside a locked cabinet in the adjacent hallway; it requires Alyssa's Picking Tool to unlock. In File #2, single shots can be taken when walking and shooting at the same time.

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