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The Burst Rifle is an assault rifle that appears in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

WILLOW is shown with this weapon during the Triple Impact trailer.[1]


As its name suggests, it fires in three-round bursts. It sports an ACOG scope, which is fully usable in combat. It uses an uncurved, unique 21 Round Magazine, allowing it to fire 7 full bursts with each magazine. Maximum number of spare rounds is 104, while initially rifle has 83 spare ammo. The Burst Rifle can be purchased at the pre-game menu with [7000 XP].

It has decent power and accuracy, making it capable of killing a standard zombie with one burst to the upper body, but it is recommended that players avoid close-range combat, due to the ACOG scope's zoom. The Burst Rifle also has a lower reserve ammunition capacity than the standard assault rifle.


"The Burst Rifle is a classic semi-automatic assault rifle. Lightweight and accurate with a medium range scope-this weapon is a handy default to any reconnaissance mission."
— In Game Description
Damage ORC bar 5.jpg Range ORC bar 7.jpg
Blood Frenzy ORC bar 4.jpg Rate of Fire ORC bar 4.jpg
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USS On map? Enemy drop? Echo Six On map? Enemy drop?
1: Eye of the Storm 1 No
2: By the Trail of Our Dead 1 No
3: I Now Know Why You Cry 1 No