Bus Escape, known as "On the bus" (バスの中で Basu no naka de?) in the original script, is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Chapter 2 of the Leon Story.


On route to the cathedral, Hunnigan tells Leon and Helena that 90% of the population has been infected with the virus. A trucker riding down the road sees a zombie and runs it over, barely missing the bus. The bus serves, ending up hanging off a cliff. Worse, a crowd of zombies has mysteriously appeared to attack.


Ingrid Hunnigan: "...90% of the population in Tall Oaks have been infected with the virus. That rounds out to about 70,000 hostiles. We also received word that an organization named "Neo Umbrella" just claimed responsibility for the attack."
Leon: "Neo Umbrella?"
Ingrid Hunnigan: "I know what you're thinking."
Leon: "Yeah. This is Raccoon City all over again."
Ingrid Hunnigan: "That's all the news I've got. Now it's your turn to help me. I need to know what's in that cathedral. I've got suits breathing down my neck for info."
Leon: "Suits?"
Ingrid Hunnigan: "Specifically, Derek C. Simmons- National Security Advisor."
Bus Driver: "Hang on!"

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