"An exquisite lamp designed with butterfly motifs There are 3 indentations like something might fit inside."

The Butterfly Lamp is a treasure item that can be found in Resident Evil 4. The lamp can be fitted with the Red, Green and Blue Eyes dropped by Novistadores to increase its value. Selling both lamps with three eyes totals to 64,000 pesetas.


There are two in the main game, one in Chapter 3-2 in a chest in the drainage valve area, and the other one is in Chapter 4-1 in a chest outside the Novistador hive. The player must climb a ladder to obtain it. In Separate Ways, the lamp is found in Chapter 5 right after you defeat Krauser.

Selling Values

Only one of each colored eye can be added to each lamp. Individually, adding an eye to the lamp increases its worth to 1000 pesetas higher than the combined value of the individual treasures. Adding multiple eyes greatly increases the value of the lamp, with a complete lamp selling for over three times the combined value of the individual items.

With no eyes 4,500₧
with Green 6,500₧
with Red 7,000₧
with Blue 8,500₧
with Green and Red 11,000₧
with Green and Blue 13,000₧
with Red and Blue 15,000₧
with Green, Red, and Blue 32,000₧




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