C-Virus Vaccine is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6 in the Jake Story. As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


Anti-C is the tentative name given by the U.S. government to the vaccine for the C-Virus created from the blood work of Jake Muller.

When this vaccine is administered to a person not yet infected by the C-Virus, that person will be given immunity to the virus. The vaccine, however, only shows a very low success rate in helping people who have already been infected, and only if those people have not displayed any characteristics unique to the J'avo. Usually administration at this stage is fatal.

When the person already displays J'avo characteristics, or has entered a cocoon or mutation stage, administration of the vaccine is always fatal. The Anti-C is not a guarantee against infection by the C-Virus, but its mere existence helps provide a measure of security to the world's population. However, even with the creation of Anti-C, the C-Virus is still a very large threat.

Below is part of a report written by a U.S. government researcher detailing this threat.


The development of Anti-C has given us a way to temporarily counter the threat of the C-Virus. Our main priority should be to distribute it and vaccinate as many people as we can in order to lessen the outbreak from future bioterrorist attacks.

However, the C-Virus has produced mutations unlike any virus before it. It is only a matter of time before the virus itself evolves, and Anti-C will be useless against it. Jake Muller's blood may again become necessary to create a new vaccine. The BSAA is currently tracking him down.

We must keep a close watch on the virus and be ready when the time comes.


C-ウィルスに感染していない人 間に投与すれば、C-ウィルスに耐性ができる。C-ウィルスを投与された直後の人間に関しては、ジュアヴォとしての特徴が出る前であれば、ほんのわずかだ が生存が確認されている。ジュアヴォ、サナギ、完全変異種に関しては、アンチCの投与直後に全ての個体が死亡する。





し かし、C-ウィルスは、投与した人間に多彩な「変異」をもたらす、今までにないタイプのウィルスであった。つまりは、C-ウィルス自体も今後変異していく 可能性が非常に高く、アンチCが通用しない新たなC-ウィルスが生まれるのは、時間の問題と考える。今後も、注意深く経過を見守っていく。





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