"Desert Eagle .50 A.E 10 inch. 10 inch barrel is put on to D.E.50 A.E. It can fire .50 A.E rounds more powerfully."
— Item examination - English
"D.E.50A.E10インチ ノーマルのデザートイーグルのバレル部分を10インチにし DOT50A.E弾をより強力に発射で出来る(木製グリップ付き)"
— Item examination - Japanese

The C. Magnum (カスタムマグナム kasutamu-magunamu?) is a weapon item in Resident Evil 2.


The C. Magnum can only be acquired by combining the Magnum Parts with the Magnum.

To get the Magnum Parts, the player needs to pick up the W. Box Key at the Factory Platform A to unlock the Weapons Locker at the P-4 laboratory, where the parts are located.


The upgrade increases even more the firepower of the already powerful gun, making it the second most powerful weapon in the game next to the R. Launcher. The recoil is also increased, causing Leon to back down significantly with each shot. It also gains the ability to kill several zombies standing behind each other.

When playing as Leon in Extreme Battle, there is a 50% chance that the Magnum Parts will appear on Level 1, they can be found inside one of the lockers in the Evidence Room.



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