"Remington M1100. M1100 full size semi-automatic. The longer barrel results in more concentrated blasts."
— Item examination - English
"レミントンM1100 M1100フルサイズセミオートマチックモデル バレルが長く弾がまとまるので強力である "
— Item examination - Japanese

The C. Shotgun (カスタムショットガン kasutamu-shottogan?) is a weapon item in Resident Evil 2.


C. Shotgun cannot be found in any room. Instead it is created after combining Shotgun with the Shotgun Parts, found in Factory Passage 1.


This full-size semi-automatic shotgun deals devastating wide spread damage to groups of enemies. It now holds seven rounds instead of five. The recoil of the weapon is enough to knock Leon back significantly. Aside from having stronger firepower, it also has a louder gunshot; combining the parts to the shotgun when not fully loaded (including empty) will automatically reload it to the 7-round capacity.

  • With the upgraded M1100, a close range shot to a zombie's chest will not only decapitate, but inflict partial or complete destruction of the torso.




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