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CLUB96 is the official Resident Evil fanclub. It was started by Capcom Japan to celebrate the franchise's 15th Anniversary. It can only be accessed through applied membership, however; its articles are unviewable to non-members.


The site is divided into separate sections:

  • Digital Archive (デジタルアーカイブス dejitaru ākaibusu?) - Files on various creatures; characters and organizations.
  • Creators' Lounge (クリエーターズラウンジ kuriētāzu raunji?) - A place for interviews with various developers and producers.
  • Report (レポート repōto?) - A news section describing how special events such as launch events went.
  • Research (リサーチ risāchi?) - A user poll section asking such questions as "There is a biohazard in your city. Which creature do you most not want to meet?"
  • Download (ダウンロード daunrōdo?) - A section where various wallpaper designs are offered for downloading.

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