CODE: Remnants is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.



Javier's own covert viral weapons development and operation program. Javier's desire to operate his own T-based B.O.W.s, and control the entire Amazon ecosystem is the backbone of the program.

After failing to revive Hilda, Javier became unable to trust outsiders (namely Umbrella).

So, he decided to have people in his own organization research and verify the usability of his B.O.W.s. (Since he had no high-level research facilities, the primitive experimentation on living humans was the main method of data acquisition.)

T-type B.O.W.s (mostly zombies) were used as propagators of terror against hostile forces in the area, such as communist insurgents.

The United States and other foreign nations learned of Javier's readiness and willingness to destroy the environment on a global-scale (ie. ravish the Amazon's capacity to produce CO2), and now seek to keep him in check through brute force intervention and economic sanctions.




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