The COMs Device is the name given to the heads-up display (HUD) in Resident Evil 6.[1] Lore-wise the characters use this device in order to communicate with someone or to store and receive data.


Jake and Chris COMsDevice

Jake's starting device is based on the Edonian Liberation Army while Chris' is based on the BSAA.

The device has different designs based on the organization the character works for and will change to reflect the story. For example, in Jake's chapter 3, both Jake and Sherry get kidnapped and lose all of their equipment, their HUD are changed as well. Later in the chapter, in The Computer Room, Jake finds Sherry's device and she uses it to call her boss. Sherry's HUD will then change back to her default DSO design but Jake's will remain unchaged.


All devices show the same information which include:

  • Vitality gauge - The player's health.
  • Tablet number - The number of available health tables.
  • Physical Combat gauge - The current stamina of the character.
  • Ammo number and type - The remaining ammo and its type available for the equipped weapon.
  • Weapon function switch - Displays a button prompt when the weapon equipped has more than one functionality. (i.e. switch the Bear Commander to its grenade launcher functionality)
  • Weapon magazine - The magazine size, plus how many bullets are left in it.

The inventory and options menu are also based on the design of the COMs device and will change accordinly.


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