The campsite is an area of the Island. Leon S. Kennedy clears this area of Militia Ganado before meeting with Jack Krauser at the ruins.


The area is filled with tents filled with ammunition possibly used by the Ganados Militia. There is a manhole inside the large tent at the center, which leads to a small cavern passage.


A large number of armed Ganados Militia can be seen in the campsite, though they are easily taken care of by shooting the oil drums that will explode throughout the area. A Yellow Herb can be found on this side of the wire fence. There is a ladder to a small cavern where a merchant, typewriter, Shooting Range, and a note from Krauser are present along with few treasures such as the Blue Stone of Treason.


Location Action Localization Original script
The gate facing the ruins CHECK I can see a door in the distance. I need to find another way there.


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