Campus - Visitors Room is an area explored in Resident Evil 6. It is the building featured in Leon Chapter 1-1.



After the opening cutscene, there is an auto-save checkpoint. Leon and Helena are inside of the president's guest room.[notes 1] As Leon, the player has free control to walk around the room. As Helena, the player is unable to move at this point and the camera is fixed on Leon's movements. Once the player (as Leon) approaches the doorway, Leon will rest his arm on the door frame and talk with Helena about the Tall Oaks Cathedral before walking out of the room into the corridor.[notes 2] At this point, both players can move. The controls are limited at this point, making it impossible to perform any attacks or to dash. A room across the corridor can be explored. Upon entering the room, Leon will comment on the situation. When the player approaches the back of the room, a dead body will slump over and block access to the area behind the desk. Further down the corridor, an elevator can be investigated using the Solo Action button. It is out of power and cannot be used. Continuing south into the hall[notes 3] will trigger a clock chime in the distance. There is an open doorway blocked by a table that cannot be accessed yet. There is a Partner Action door on the other side of the hall.

This room is on the other side of the hall from earlier. It leads to a dead end. There is a First Aid Spray next to a dead body on the floor. The body slumps over when the player approaches and Leon will comment on the outbreak.




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