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Resident Evil 2 PlayStation NTSC sweepstakes cover

The Capcom RE2 Sweepstakes Contest was a competition held in the United States with the offered prize being a part in the then-upcoming Resident Evil film.


"Win a Part in the Movie or other Great Prizes
Details inside or send name & address on a 3x5 card to Capcom RE2 Sweepstakes. Contest ends 4-1-98 void where prohibited. See back for address. No Purchase Necessary.
— The initial ad.

During development of Resident Evil 2, Capcom licensed out film rights to Constantin Film, who anticipated a production start around 1998. To generate hype for the film, Capcom USA published the first shipments of Resident Evil 2 with an entry form for a sweepstakes in which the winner would win a cameo in the film or, if this is not possible, win a prize. The contest was not limited to buyers, and entry forms were known to be picked-up by members of the public at video game stores.

Thank you for contacting Capcom. In regards to your inquiry, the winner of the Resident Evil 2 contest did not appear in the movie because it was filmed in Germany. Therefore, the winner was awarded a prize of equivalent value.

Best Wishes,
Philip Navidad"

In 2002, Capcom USA staff member Philip Navidad confirmed that while someone did win the film role, it could not be honoured because filming was shifted to Germany and not the United States as expected.[1]


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