Capture Luis Sera is a file in Resident Evil 4. It is found after meeting Ramon Salazar. It is tacked on a wall near the fire breathing horse statues. Contrary to the previous note, this one now states their motives are now to capture Luis first, and then Leon Ashley for Luis now has their all important "sample".


Capture Luis Sera

I have confirmation that Sera has entered
the castle.
Why he would return during his escape
leaves me to question his motives. But we
must seize this moment and capture him.

We will get the other two Americans after
we apprehend Sera.
It appears he took some vaccines when he stole
our "sample". The vaccines we can do without
but we must retrieve the "sample" for it is our
life blood.

I feel there is somebody else or some other
ground involved in this whole affair.
If the "sample" were to get into the hands of
that other entity, the world which we seek to
create will not come. We must apprehend Sera
as quickly as possible.

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