"It is used for the card reader at the disposal facility."
— Item examination - English
"処理施設のカードリーダーに対応している "
— Item examination - Japanese

Card Key (カードキー kādo kī?) is a key item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It is an Umbrella employee exclusive key card that is used to unlock certain portions of the Disused Plant.


Jill Valentine finds the Card Key while fighting Nemesis in a treatment room that is designed to dispose of B.O.W.s. After defeating Nemesis, the Card Key will slide out of a lab coat of a deceased scientist in the waste disposal room.


Once Jill grabs the Card Key, she must use it to open the electronically locked door to escape from the treatment room before all the waste inside the room is disposed.

When Jill explores the locked door in the treatment room, the message reads: "It is electronically locked.".

Jill can also use the Card Key in other places in the Disused Plant; she can use it to activate a lift leading to the Material storage. This elevator is located in the Power room.

When inactive, the elevator's message reads: "The elevator won't move because it is locked with a Card Key.".

Jill can also use it to open a shutter leading to the Control room, that is located in the facility entrance.

Locked shutter reads the message: "It is electronically locked.".

Every locked door or elevator has the card reader near it with a message "There is a Card Key reader.". The Card Key must be used at these card readers.

After using the Card Key three times, Jill will be asked if she wants to discard it. It is not necessary to activate the elevator, leading to the weaponry basement to complete the game.




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