Wildstorm universe
(Covers information from the D.C. comics)

Sheriff Carey was the father of Wayne Carey and the sheriff of Saguaro Wells.


Some time after the destruction of Raccoon City, Sheriff Carey watched over his small town as it was repeatedly attacked by mutant bats. Unaware as to their nature, the disappearances of eight townspeople were treated with caution. Carey refused to let the shotgun-toting locals practice frontier justice by forming a posse to scoure the hills. The townspeople disobeyed, and in doing so came upon his son Wayne being brutally attacked by a quartet of mutant bats.

They were able to stop them from abducting Wayne, but the youth was bitten by one of the monsters before his rescuers arrived. He contracted the G-Virus, and overnight degenerated into a mindless zombie. Distraught and mortified, Sheriff Carey sought the help of Leon S. Kennedy.


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