The cargo collection room (集荷室?)[1] was a room in underground airport on Rockfort Island.


There is a large crane control using a lever on the panel located on the upper level that is used to lift large loads and cargos.


No enemies are faced here during the first visit. The entry to the airport elevator is inaccessible due to the closed shutter. To open it, the player must find a key with a "K-402" label.

Several loads prevent the player from gaining access the panel that control the large lift. The player must enter the small elevator located nearby the airport elevator and proceed to the upper level to operate the lever for the crane. Then, the player can use the crane to lift the blocking loads to gain access the control panel for the lift.

Once the loads are lifted, the player can access and operate the panel, thus bring the lift here. After the lift has arrived, several zombies will be on it. The player can search around the lift to find a Bow Gun Arrow and the Biohazard Card.


Location Localization Original script
First Floor
Control panel for the airport elevator shutter. It's a control panel for the shutter. The markings above the keyhole read "K-402".
Loads blocking the panel for the lift It's completely blocked by the load.
Panel for the lift It's a control panel for the loading lift. A warning sign is visible. The lift may not operate if power levels are low. Move the lever? Yes/No
Panel for the lift (after using it) The device is not working.
Control panel for the airport elevator shutter (with Key) It's a control panel for the shutter. The markings above the keyhole read "K-402". Use the Airport Key? >Yes No
Second Floor
Lever for the crane There is a lever. Move the lever? Yes/No
Lever for the crane (after using it) There is no need to operate it anymore.
Lever for the crane (2F) The machine's power is down.


First Floor
Second Floor



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