Carla's Revenge (カーラの復讐 Kāra no fukushū?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6.


It can be found in Ada Chapter 5.


Carla Radames was reborn as Ada Wong because of the experiment Derek Simmons forced her into and the subsequent training she received following her transformation. Unknown to Derek, Carla retained some remnants of herself in the deepest recesses of her psyche, and this part of her was determined to undo everything Derek had done.

Carla secretly founded the Neo Umbrella organization so she could perfect the C-Virus, something that would be instrumental in her plans to destabilize the planet, an idea that was anathema to Derek. Her plan was to launch missiles loaded with the gas that would turn people into zombies, and to unleash the ultimate B.O.W. on the unsuspecting world -Haos.

Her plan to wreck havoc in China would have gone off without any problems but for one incomprehensible act: she contacted the real Ada Wong and involved her in the situation. Whether she did this in some vain attempt to destroy the original Ada and leave only herself, or to have Ada save her, no one can say.








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