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"Get over yourself. Help me? I'm the real Ada Wong. I don't need help from anyone! My plans aren't failing, they're thriving! And soon this frail shell of a society will collapse! After that, you know what will be left of this world? Nothing! Hell will rise and chaos will reign! And I, Ada Wong, will be queen of the new world!"
— Carla Radames to Ada Wong

Carla Radames (d. 30 June 2013) was a terrorist, mass murderer and virologist, responsible for the creation and development of the C-Virus and its direct use in acts of terrorism and mass murder in 2012 and 2013. A high ranking researcher for The Family since her teenage years, Radames suffered irreversible trauma after being used in experiments against her will, and formed the paramilitary death cult Neo Umbrella with embezzled money to achieve her goals in world destruction. Radames was killed by Ada Wong in China while in final preparation for the deployment of her Haos doomsday weapon, which was itself destroyed in a BSAA intervention. Following her death, Neo Umbrella has since become defunct.


C-Virus and Project Ada[]

"I don't know how many years it will take, but I'll do all I can to make Simmons proud."
— Carla's note detailing the origins of the C-Virus.[1]

What Radames originally looked like.

In her youth, Radames was recognised as a prodigy and was advanced through to university-level education, earning a doctorate at the age of 15.[1] The advancement of such a child got the attention of the Simmons Foundation, a charity run by Derek C. Simmons which was a front for the Family's operations. Upon receiving her doctorate she was immediately recruited into their operation, which, she discovered soon after, was a bioweapons research project primarily based in a lab in Tall Oaks.[1] Work began in 2001 on the C-Virus Project, and before long with the help of Simmons she gained samples of t-Veronica virus, from which she created the "t-02" strain. Again with the help of Simmons, a sample of G-Virus was also provided, from which C-Virus advanced to the next stage.[1]

Carla Radames Projecto Ada

Radames is "reborn" as Ada Wong.

Over the course of the decade, starting from her teens, Radames developed a strong infatuation with Simmons and pushed herself to find better results just to earn his praise; Simmons felt nothing for Radames, and his recognition of her work was mistaken for reciprocation.[1] Simmons himself was focused instead on a side-project to C-Virus, "Project Ada", through which C-Virus could prove its reliability in DNA replication by mutating a test subject into an exact replica of Ada Wong, whom he had an unhealthy obsession with.[2] Radames was the principal researcher behind the experiments, trying to utilise the Complete Mutation aspect of the virus to control its outcome.[3] Thousands of people were sacrificed for this research, and although by-products as Lepotica and Gnezdo were useful in further research, the Wong replication experiments continued to fail until April 2009; in a fit of desperation, Simmons ordered Radames herself be used in the research project as experiment #12,235. On 30 April, Radames awoke from her cocoon as Wong's doppelgänger, and footage was preserved on a VHS tape under the title "Happy Birthday, Ada Wong".[4][5]

Resistance against Simmons[]

In the months following Radames' transformation, she was subject to conditioning by Simmons, who trained her to speak and act as Wong herself would, and finally gave Radames the affection she had long wanted from him. Before long, the conditioning was complete, and Radames genuinely believed herself to be Wong and that she was in a relationship with Simmons, who she acknowledged as her master she could never disobey.[6] Subconsciously, however, Radames hated Simmons for betraying her and mutilating her body, and wanted him dead and his very ideals torn down.[6] Over time, she gathered evidence which proved her victimhood, but because of her conditioning this was compartmentalised and she continued to believe herself to be Wong.[7][8]

Radames soon took advantage of Simmons' affections and his showering of gifts, funding and power.[9] When the Simmons Foundation began working in China, Radames was made his lieutenant and the Family's facilities there into her own personal fiefdom. As had happened between Simmons and Radames, she was herself able to manipulate Family members, who pledged loyalty to her instead of Simmons. Radames' fiefdom consisted of three facilities in Lanshiang; the Quad Tower, Vinci Medical Research Centre and a mansion close by, and a top-secret facility off the coast known only to her most loyal followers.[10] This personality cult became a subversive element within the Family, going under the name "Neo Umbrella". Mimicking Simmons, Radames used her loyal followers as test subjects in her experiments, such as the Ustanak project which went through 322 failures; the successful test subject, by the very nature of his mutations, was compelled to obey her orders without question.[11][12] The underwater facility meanwhile was devoted entirely to Haos, a mutant organism Radames intended to bring about the end of the world as the final insult to Simmons.

Marhawa Desire (2012)[]

Carlamarhawa 08
"I will give you the power to shake this school to its core."
— Radames to Bindi Bergara.

By 2012, work on the base C-Virus had advanced from genetic engineering to live combat testing. Searching through Southeast Asia, Radames picked the Marhawa School in Northern Kudahnkan. The prestigious school was isolated from the rest of the country by miles of woodland, and was designed to be self-sufficient with classrooms, dormitories, a mall and church, protected by a large armed security force; the results of this test would be useful in planning for larger scale attacks. While surveying the area, Radames witnessed a fight between school security and students Nanan Yoshihara and Bindi Bergara, who were attempting to escape, with Yoshihara being severely wounded as a result. Infiltrating the school's infirmary, Radames was able to radicalise Bergara. Over several months, Bergara and Yoshihara, turned into a Lepotica, worked together to cause a series of small-scale zombie attacks which Radames could use for combat data, watching from afar.[13] Radames later provided viral samples should Bergara need to infect herself to avoid capture and medicines to keep Yoshihara in check after she became hostile to Radames.[14][15][16] Finally, they launched a full-scale attack on the school, leading to hundreds being infected or brutally murdered within hours. The attack ended with a response from the BSAA, who killed both attackers but failed to identify their liaison. Radames recovered part of Yoshihara's remains to develop a refined Lepotica C-Virus strain.[17]

Edonia (2012)[]

"Thanks for the escort. Here's something to remember me by."
— Carla to Chris' BSAA team before infecting four of its members.

In late 2012, the Family turned its attention to the Edonian Civil War after an intelligence investigation revealed an Edonian Liberation Army mercenary, Jake Mueller, was the son of Dr. Albert Wesker. The risk of Muller participating in vaccine trials posed severe consequences to C-Virus' viability, or could be used to engineer a vaccine-resistant strain if in their hands. In his dual role as head of The Family and National Security Advisor, Simmons had agent Sherry Birkin sent out to Edonia to find and repatriate Mueller, with Radames to ultimately capture him for further testing.[18][19] While the manhunt for Mueller was underway, Radames made contact with the ELA's leadership, based in the city hall of a city they had captured, and offered them bioweapons to support their war against government forces, a deal they were happy to make.[20]


Radames captures Jake and Sherry in Edonia.

By the end of December, the ELA's access to bio-weaponry had become known to intelligence agencies, sparking the deployment of the BSAA. The resulting incursion into ELA territory triggered the reciprocal deployment of experimental bio-weapons such as Ogromans as well as the deployment of ELA's conventional weapons stolen from the Edonian military.[20] In her time working with ELA, Radames had also made plans to double-cross them. Most or all fighters were provided with syringes containing C-Virus, which they were told were "nutritional supplements" to help them fight better.[21] Over the course of the conflict, ELA units infected themselves with the virus and became J'avo. Radames meanwhile betrayed the commanders based in the city hall by turning many into Napads; others were torn apart by their comrades, leaving corridors coated in blood. While still in the city hall, she was spotted by the BSAA, who she surrendered to by pretending to be a hostage.[22] Knowing that her alibi was not convincing, Radames turned on her escorts at the exit, transforming most of the unit into Napads themselves.[23] Following her escape from the city hall, Radames left the city and to the nearby mountains where Ustanak and Neo Umbrella troopers had downed a BSAA helicopter attempting to airlift Muller out of the country and into US federal custody.[24] Muller and his handler, Birkin, were tracked down and captured before they could reach Simmons.[25] Taking advantage of the situation, Radames reported that Muller and Birkin died in the helicopter crash.[19] The two were then smuggled out of the country and to the mansion lab in China, where they were kept as blood banks for her work on "Enhanced C-Virus", which was estimated to take six months.[26]

Lanshiang, China (2013)[]

"It would be a shame, though, if he wasn't ready to live in a world of nightmares. I'll make his body a living reflection of the horrors I've unleashed."
— Carla speaking of her goals in a note.[27]

Radames speaking through her COMs Device.

In June 2013, final preparations were in place for Radames' doomsday plan; under the guise of medical research, thousands of impoverished Chinese from Poisawan were lured to the Vinci centre and turned into J'avo. Neo Umbrella's military had plans to hijack two aircraft carriers, which they were to use as launching pads for a strike on southern Lanshiang, using PLAN's materiel against the civilian population. After this, a missile was to be fired into the northern Tatchi district and release airborne particles containing C-Virus to turn tens of thousands into Zombies. Finally, Haos was to be awoken and spread the virus worldwide, with orders put in place to wake it prematurely should she die in Lanshiang.[28]

In the days prior to the attacks, Radames' curiosity got the better of her, and she made contact with Wong. Posing as Simmons and revealing both of their plans, she lured Wong to a US Navy submarine under Neo Umbrella control, seeking to compete with her and prove who was the real Wong by besting her. Following this, Wong travelled to the US and infiltrated the Family's facility in Tall Oaks, where she uncovered the Happy Birthday, Ada Wong tape. To the surprise of Radames, Wong was quick to piece things together, and correctly deduced Radames was not only the leader of Neo Umbrella and pretending to be her, but was actively plotting against Simmons by impersonating him in such a self-incriminating manner.[29][30]


Radames used a needle gun to infect Rose, turning him into a Gnezdo.

Over the course of the day, Radames oversaw the attacks by the J'avo civilians of Poisawan and Neo Umbrella on the people of Lanshiang. She observed the arrival of BSAA operatives in aide of the Chinese police while awaiting the arrival of Simmons himself who now firmly understood her treachery. During her time in the city streets Radames was spotted multiple times by the BSAA, who repeatedly failed to apprehend her. While in Poisawan, she observed Iluzija hunt down a BSAA team led by Cpt. Chris Redfield, who had escaped her ambush in Edonia. When the team succeeded in killing the mutant, Radames stayed behind to ambush the survivors, turning one into a Gnezdo before fleeing, having chosen deliberately as an insult to Redfield.[31] Following this, Radames made her way to the Vinci centre, where samples of Enhanced C-Virus had been transported to.[note 2] It would have been at this point that Radames made contact with one of the Poisawan J'avo; she provided him with one sample and gave orders that he ambush and infect Simmons, having chosen to turn him into a mutant as a more ironic punishment than mere assassination. Following this, Radames attempts to escape the building to one of the captured aircraft carriers, but was confronted by Redfield as well as US agent Leon S. Kennedy, who had mistaken her for Wong. Radames narrowly escaped capture by throwing out a flash grenade as they argued.[32]


Radames, moments before being shot.

Immediately following her escape, Radames made her getaway down Lanshiang's highways in a red convertible, in pursuit by Redfield who was being aided by BSAA intelligence. Despite this, she was successful in boarding the carrier, leaving Redfield behind. Assuming him dead in the well-guarded ship, Radames returned to the safety of the flight control tower; there, she received an update confirming the attack on Simmons was a success, and phoned him to personally mock him.[33][34] While on the balcony, Radames was confronted once more by Redfield, who disarmed her by shooting her needle gun with the intent of bringing her to justice for her crimes.[35] Seeing the threat of imprisonment as an irrelevance, Radames boasted once more of her plans to destroy the world, teasing the existence of the C-Virus missile payload while surreptitiously preparing to infect herself with Enhanced C-Virus. In the minutes following the attack on Simmons, the Family renounced their loyalty to him and left him behind; no longer recognising Simmons nor Radames as their leader and his lieutenant respectively, her assassination became their utmost priority to both preserve their organisation and cover-up involvement. During her conversation with Redfield, a helicopter flew over the aircraft carrier and shot her, causing her to fall off the tower and onto the flight deck. Leaving her for dead, Redfield left the ship in search of the missile.[35]


The start of Radames' mutation.

Shortly after the fall, Radames was found by Wong, who had ventured to China in search of her. Despite seeing her progenitor in front of her, Radames still could not break from the brainwashing. As she began to show outward changes from her infection which had narrowly saved her life, she insisted once more she was the real Ada Wong. Radames' body ate its way below deck, expanding in size to the point of making the hull unstable.[8] Now the living embodiment of the ship, Radames collapsed the ship around Wong, intent on eating her, but was too slow to catch up. With the use of liquid nitrogen tanks, Wong was able to cause physical damage to her form, making part of her body shatter on contact. Whether this killed Radames is uncertain, though Wong was able to escape on a helicopter as the ship took what was left of her body into the water.[36]


In immediate response to her death, Neo Umbrella initiated its doomsday plans. A missile containing a C-Virus payload was successfully detonated over Tatchi despite attempts by the BSAA to destroy the launcher.[28] This led to mass civilian casualties in the city as well as huge losses for the BSAA itself. Simmons made his way to the Quad Tower, where he was dispatched by Kennedy and Wong, Another of her experiments, which she considered her greatest creation, was killed by Wong before it could escape its cocoon.[37] Haos itself was released prematurely, and in this form it was less capable in fending off a BSAA insertion team; when the laboratory began to self-destruct, it was consumed by the explosion, foiling the final part of the doomsday plan.

In the long term, Radames' effects on the world were comparatively limited. Although her bioweapons sales in the previous year made the risk of further C-Virus attacks likely, the successful rescue of Muller led to the development of "Anti-C" which, though imperfect, lowered the weapon's appeal on the black market. The black market suppliers that made up Neo Umbrella's network were subsequently poached by Glenn Arias for his own operations.[38] Radames' plans to frame the real Ada Wong for the attacks were also ultimately undone when investigators recovered proof of the existence of a Wong doppelgänger even without testimony from the real Wong herself.[2]


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