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Carlos was a member of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. He took part in the mission into Raccoon City, and later turned on Umbrella.



Jeff forces Carlos down the manhole.

Carlos was deployed into Raccoon City alongside his close friend, Jeff. The UBCS mission in the city was a bloodbath, though he and Jeff held out more than most others. Eventually, the zombies ganged up on the two and Jeff was bitten. Jeff forced Carlos into the sewers to escape the horde while he distracted them.[1][excerpt 1] Moving through the sewers, Carlos stumbled into an Umbrella laboratory used for cultivating Plant 43 and other B.O.W.s. Disgusted by the horrific sight of a mutant human foetus growing in the tank, Carlos destroyed the capsules with his assault rifle to destroy the products. During this, he noticed the Umbrella logo proudly emblazoned on the facility's wall. Examining Dr. William Birkin's journal, he discovered that this was his facility, used alongside the "G-Virus" development project. Carlos' reading of the journal was quickly interrupted by the appearance of the doctor, himself. Dropping the notes on the floor, Carlos fired at Birkin, which only made the mutant more aggressive. With his right arm, Birkin threw himself at Carlos. Birkin halted his attack as a T-103 punched a hole in the wall, challenging Birkin to a fight.[2]

While the two monsters fought, Carlos successfully escaped being from killed in the middle. Moving through the Umbrella facility, Carlos stumbled onto a group of zombified townspeople, who had made their way down the sewers in search of him, made evident his recognition of Jeff being among the zombies. The zombie also recognized Carlos, extending his arm out to examine the necklace he gave to him. Carlos finally built up the courage to kill Jeff right after. Back on the surface, Carlos walked around the crumbling city devoid of his living comrades alone. Eventually, he found Nikolai Zinoviev adding data to his laptop.[3] A Zombie Dog burst between the two men, turning to attack Carlos. Nikolai saved him by shooting at it with his handgun. Falling to the ground with the dog between his legs, Carlos was relieved to have been saved.[4]

Teaming up with survivors

Carlos left to the Grill 13 restaurant. Hearing someone inside, he aimed his assault rifle at the young woman, revealed to Jill Valentine, who aiming her Benelli back at him. The stand-off was called off by a Tyrant's approach. Coming at her, Jill unloaded on the Tyrant's face, followed by Carlos' assault rifle fire. Thrown back by the weapons fire, the Tyrant was pushed next to two gas canisters. A discharge from Jill's shotgun causes them to explode, giving her and Carlos a chance to evade it. It did little, as the creature still came at them. Carlos grabbed hot assault rifle rounds and shoved them down the creature's mouth from behind. Its tentacles fought back, throwing Carlos into the air as it fell. The tentacles tried to wrap around Carlos' torso to crush him, but he succeeded in cutting them. Jill was unwilling to help Carlos after this incident, however, and left.[4]

Carlos races to save Sherry from the alligator

Alone, Carlos became terrified by sight of the Tyrant clutching to his right leg. With his left, Carlos stomped on its head. It reacted by grabbing his left leg, as well, and throwing him across the room. Coughing up blood, the Tyrant prepared to deliver the final blow. A large pipe fell to the ground directly in-between the two, though it didn't stall the attack for long. The Tyrant simply punched through the pipe and straight to Carlos' head. Suddenly gaining extraordinary agility from adrenalin, he repeatedly dodged the Tyrant's punches even though injured. Angered by its inability to kill him, the Tyrant's tentacles burst out again. Carlos grabbed an interesting metal box tied to the creature's overcoat and ran into the kitchen.

Opening up a manhole, Carlos climbed down the ladder to find a young girl - Sherry Birkin - on the run from an alligator. About to be grabbed by the mutant's jaws, Carlos propped its gaping mouth open with his rifle and combat boot.[5] Struggling hard to keep open the alligator's mouth, he ultimately failed to hold his grip and disappeared inside it - swallowed alive -[excerpt 1] much to the shock of the girl. The alligator began turning around, intending to swallow Sherry next. A number of bullets suddenly came out through its brain, clear evidence that Carlos was still alive and fighting back from inside. Further firing from its stomach tore a hole in the mutant's back, allowing Carlos to simply climb out. Carlos was then escorted around by the girl, who seems to know her way around (another Umbrella facility). Looking at a wall, Carlos paid attention to a picture of "Boss". At this moment, the girl - Sherry Birkin - thought it necessary to reveal her father to be a researcher for Umbrella - a man named "William". Concluding this man to be the one he read the research reports from earlier on, Carlos became disgusted.[6]

Reunited with Jill, Carlos presented her with the box he stole from the Tyrant, revealing itself to be parts for an SGI Eagle 6.0, leaving soon after.[6] Later on, Carlos went to the STAGLA gas station, where he found Jill surrounded by flames. Rushing into the station with a fire blanket, he was able to save her, then telling her to come with him. The two escaped from the gas station as the fire spread, and ran down the road to avoid the inevitable explosion. Again, the two went their separate ways, seeking to repair a tram and use it to move elsewhere. Carlos was attacked by a Drain Deimos while operating a puzzle involving Mayor Michael Warren. Soon after this he went to the power Substation, where he found Jill. She was distrustful of him, aiming her shotgun right at him. He then left to the Umbrella Sales Office, where he witnesses Nikolai preparing to kill a fellow UBCS mercenary, Murphy Seeker. Aiming his assault rifle at Nikolai was useless - Nikolai knew Carlos wouldn't shoot him, and killed Murphy anyway, then proceeding to add data to his laptop. Carlos deciphered that the Umbrella office's pharmacy locker could be unlocked with the password "ADRAVIL". Proceeding in side, he obtained a special form of gasoline also being stored. Carlos and Jill met again in the parking lot near downtown Raccoon City. They showed each other the items they had obtained. A sudden earthquake caused the two to lose their footing and hang over a hole leading to the sewers. As two crates from a nearby van fall out, both let go to avoid them - luckily for them the hole was too small at its end point for the crates to continue down.[7]

Carlos explored the sewers for a second time that day, finding the shedded exoskeleton of a Gravedigger. A group of Sliding Worms attack himed, though he managed to fight them off. Carlos saved Jill from the Gravedigger and the two headed for the ladder. The Gravedigger continued its attack, though moved slowly through the tunnel. Carlos sat an unconscious Jill next to the ladder while he dealt with the beast.[7] The fight itself was short - Carlos simply grabbed Jill and climbed up the ladder with her as the Gravedigger moved closer - its attempt at killing them simply tore Jill's clothes, leading to a tense moment when Jill woke up, thinking Carlos was undressing her.[8]

Leaving Jill, again, Carlos found the young Sherry again, under attack from Ivies. Attacking them, he almost hit a police officer, who had come to save her.[8]

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