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Carlos Oliveira (カルロス・オリヴェイラ Karurosu Oriveira?) was a mercenary for the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.). He held the rank of Corporal, and served in their UBCS Platoon. Oliveira is also one of the few survivors of the deployed squads who served during Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


Raccoon City Destruction Incident[]

Initial deployment[]

UBCS deployed

UBCS' implementation in Raccoon City.

Because the severity of the outbreak in the city was greater than expected, many mercenaries were killed or mutated in the opening hours, although Oliveira managed to survive in a scattered team led by the UBCS Platoon's CO, Cpt. Mikhail Viktor. Survivors made their way into a subway where they intended to make a train operational again to facilitate an evacuation from the city.[2] Oliveira managed to rescue some of Raccoon City's citizens, and kept them safe while trying to figure out how to fix the rail vehicle.[3]

Evacuation Plan[]


Oliveira trimming Jill Valentine as they roamed the streets of Raccoon City.

On the night of 28 September, Oliveira met the former S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine, who was on the run from the B.O.W. Nemesis-T Type. Oliveira met Valentine shortly after she fell with Nemesis from the top of a garage building, where he helped to incapacitate the B.O.W. so he could rescue her.[4] He took her Valentine to where the U.B.C.S. was operating, and tentatively recruited her to their team for mutual assistance.

RE3 remake January 14 2020 images (12)

Oliveira with Valentine after introducing her to Viktor's squad.

Over the course of repairing the rail transport they were hiding in, Oliveira worked with Valentine, as Cpt. Viktor was too wounded to help. Oliveira instructed Valentine via radio to turn on the tram's power while she lured Nemesis away from the subway. He then would help Valentine incapacitate the creature again before they returned to the evacuation point. Upon returning, while the tram left with the survivors, Valentine, Viktor and Zenoviev, Oliveira and Tyrell Patrick were given orders to stay behind. They were to search for Dr. Nathaniel Bard, an Umbrella virologist who was leading their vaccine research effort within the city, in the Raccoon Police Station. However, upon arriving at the police station in the early dawn of 29 September, the investigation turned up blank when it was found he was at the Spencer Memorial Hospital instead. During this time, Oliveira was contacted by Valentine, who informed him about the evacuation's failure due to an ambush from Nemesis and Zinoviev's betrayal. This prompted him to leave the building immediately to meet with Valentine, but unfortunately, by the time Oliveira reached her at the Clock Tower's entrance, she was already unconscious due to the infection she had suffered from her fight against Nemesis again.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]

Searching for a Vaccine[]

"My god, Jill knew all along. And she trusted me anyway."
— Oliveira reflecting upon discovering Umbrella's true intentions.

Oliveira carrying Valentine, infected by the t-Virus, on his back.

Oliveira took Valentine directly to Spencer Memorial Hospital, and contacted Patrick to meet him there, so that they could both rescue Dr. Bard and obtain a vaccine to cure Valentine. Arriving at the building before Patrick on the night of 29 September, Oliveira looked for the vaccine on his own, eventually finding it and administering it to Valentine. However, upon locating the vaccine sample, he also discovered that Dr. Bard was already dead. During the search for the vaccine, Oliveira also learned of Umbrella's responsibility for the outbreak in the city. After curing Valentine, who was still unconscious, he remained by her side to guard her until Patrick arrived on the morning of 30 September, where they worked together to keep what remained of the hospital operational.[13][14][15]

Last escape[]

"I guess this is it then. But I don't wanna die in a place like this! This isn't over yet! I'm not giving up Jill! We still have a chance!"
Helicopter escapes Raccoon Destruction RE3 re

Oliveira and Valentine escape the Raccoon City's destruction.

By 30 September, emergency radio and television broadcasts warned of a Presidential order that a missile be fired on Raccoon City the morning of 1 October. After leaving Valentine to recover safely, Oliveira left for NEST-2 alone to recover Dr. Bard's vaccine stock and prevent the destruction of the city. In the facility, after the failure of his search and the discovery that Valentine followed him, he assisted her in seriously injuring Nemesis by immersing it in acid fluid, and then following Zinoviev to prevent his escape while Valentine finally eliminating the B.O.W.. However, Oliveira was eventually knocked out on the helipad, and was left unconscious to be used as bait by Zinoviev to disarm Valentine. When he was about to execute her and flee with the helicopter, Oliveira regained consciousness and managed to immobilize Zinoviev long enough for Valentine to shoot him, incapacitating him. They then escaped with the helicopter and abandoned Zinoviev.[16][17][18][19] Oliveira and Valentine escaped minutes before the experimental thermobaric bomb destroyed the city.



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