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A clone of Carlos Olivera was an Umbrella soldier operating in the aftermath of the Global T-Virus pandemic.


Carlos was one of a number of clones derived from his namesake, a former Umbrella soldier-turned-resistance member who died in 2007. Produced at the Umbrella Prime facility along the Siberian coast, this clone was assigned by the Red Queen to operate as a guard and provided with the appropriate memories.

Carlos worked with Jill Valentine, James Shade, Rain Ocampo, and several other guards in a mission to re-capture the escaped Alice. As she escaped through the various facility sectors, they had to contend with a renegade Ada Wong and a strike team led by Leon S. Kennedy and Barry Burton. Carlos killed Barry during a standoff after Barry managed to kill Shade. Shortly afterwards, charges planted by the extraction team flooded the Umbrella Prime facility, killing Carlos and two others while Jill and Rain manage to escape.


Appearance and wardrobe

Carlos' clones wore the usual leather combat-like suit expected for Umbrella operatives, while he wore leather pants, a top and boots.


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