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Carter was a researcher working for the Umbrella Corporation in Raccoon City in 1998. While employed at the Umbrella R&D Center there, he helped to design an experimental reagent to counter the t-Virus.[1]


During the t-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City, Carter, along with fellow scientist Dr. Linda Baldwin, returned to the lab to obtain a sample of the suppressant, becoming trapped by the fire suppression systems. To protect himself, Baldwin and the other survivors from the vicious Hunters roaming the facility, he released the Tyrant R stored there, reprogramming it to take on the Hunters.


Unfortunately, the Tyrant was more concerned with defending itself, since it could be destroyed with the press of a button from the Bomb Switch an associate of Carter's had developed. The Tyrant sneaked behind Carter and brutally attacked him leaving him crawling on the floor badly injured. Baldwin tried to help Carter but the Tyrant smacked her away knocking her down to the facility's drainage area. Carter tried to reach the bomb switch in an attempt to destroy the Tyrant, but his fingers only pushed the device down to where Baldwin fell, and the Tyrant proceeded to kill him instead, destroying the reagent sample in the process.


Carter can be unlocked for purchase as a playable character in the Collection menu of File #2 by simply completing End of the Road on any Difficulty. He costs 3000 points and is a George-Type so he comes with a medicine kit, which is suiting considering he was a Virologist at Umbrella and is mirrored by Linda being a Cindy-type respectively. The extra item he starts with is an Anti-Virus.



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