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Cassandra Dimitrescu was a mutant human resident to Castle Dimitrescu, who lived in the castle with Alcina Dimitrescu and two other mutants whom she regarded as "sisters", Bela and Daniela. Cassandra is the middle child and she was noted to be a sadist who enjoys tormenting and killing her victims.[2]


At some point during or prior to the 1950s, Cassandra was 'created' by Alcina after her body was exposed to a mutant species of insect. The resulting effects gifted Cassandra with a youthful appearance, the ability to dissipate into the insects at will, and a thirst for human blood. She and her sisters would often enact their sadistic tendencies on staff and visitors alike, having strict requirements about their living conditions and seemed to have a particular preference to blood from men.[3]

When Ethan Winters wandered into Castle Dimitrescu looking for his daughter, Cassandra and her sisters brought him before their mother with the intent to consume his flesh once Mother Miranda was informed of his capture. Ethan was able to escape and the three sisters then began to pursue him through the castle.

Cassandra was the first of the sisters to pursue Ethan, appearing in the castle hallways in an attempt to kill him. When Ethan eventually gained access to the Armory searching for the four masks to escape the castle, Cassandra sealed him inside and attempted to finish the job. However, Ethan was able to blow open the wall using explosives and weaken Cassandra with the cold air, similar to how he had dealt with Bela earlier. The ensuing fight was one she lost and she calcified into dust like Bela before her.


Cassandra, along with her sisters, were mutant humans born from masses of an unknown species of mutant insects resembling blowfies. These flies are born through the Cadou laying its eggs on a host, though the insect themselves cannot reproduce. After being exposed to the host's flesh, the flies will consume it over the course of days and cover the body in the swarm. During this time, the flies begin to mimic the human form, capable of changing their colors create the desired look, similarly to a chameleon's chromatophore. In this way, the flies are capable of swarming or morphing themselves to form the likeness of a human, similarly to the Mimicry Marcus.

Being made out of the insects, Cassandra is able to dissipate into the swarm at will in order to move around the castle at very high speeds. She is unable to be hurt in this state as the multitude of insects either absorb or deflect any attacks put towards her. However, the insects that make up Cassandra's body are notably weak against sudden drops in temperature, especially below 10°C (50°F). Exposure to such cold causes a drastic decrease in metabolism, eventually resulting in dormant, cryptobiotic state which leaves them vulnerable to attacks from conventional weapons.


Cassandra appears in multiple areas of the castle, occasionally spawning during exploration to catch Ethan off guard. She pursues him through the different chambers, inflicting persistent damage from swarm she is a part of when she gets too close. If she gets within range, she can lunge towards Ethan and bite at his neck. She cannot be harmed and must be escaped from, though she can phase through doors using the warm and will only be slowed down by them. Moving far enough away from her will eventually cause Cassandra to drop the chase.

When Ethan fights against Cassandra in the Armory, her exposure to the cold severely weakens her strength. Unable to transform into the swarm, she resorts to instead using her sickle weapon in a mad frenzy to kill Ethan, but is able to be hurt by Ethan's arsenal like any other enemy.

In some sections of the game, Ethan can overhear Alcina calling for Cassandra where she instructs her daughter to bring her Ethan's head in retribution for killing her sisters. When Cassandra has been defeated, Alcina be overheard calling for her but receive no answer, prompting her to fly into a rage at incurring an "impossible debt".


Further notes

  • Cassandra's character is inspired by the so-called "Brides of Dracula" in Bram Stoker's Dracula. These women are vampires who live with Count Dracula at his castle as part of his pseudo-family. In the novel they are eager to both seduce and consume Jonathan Harker and have to be silenced by the Count himself, who instead presents them with an infant for sustenance.
  • When her face is covered, Cassandra can be identified by her yellow pendant.


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