Castellan Memo, known in the original script as "8th Castellan's Memo" (8代目城主のメモ 8-Daime jōshu no memo?), is a file in Resident Evil 4.


The file can be recovered in the castle parlour in Chapter 3-2. It is sitting on a round table in the first part of the room before the door into the main chamber.[1]


For many years the Salazar family has served as the castellans of this castle. However, not everything is bright, for my ancestry has a dark past.

Long ago there once was a religious group that had deep roots in this region called the Los Illuminados. Unjustly however, the first castellan of the castle took away their rights and powers.

As a follower of this religion and as the 8th Castellan, I felt that it was my duty as well as my responsibility to atone for that sin.

I knew the best way to atone for that sin was to give power back to those who we once took it away from, the Los Illuminados.

As expected it took a little time, but we were able to rejuvenate the once sealed Las Plagas. With this success I was one step closer to the revival of the Los Illuminados.

The reason why I released the Las Plagas from deep under the castle and gave them to Lord Saddler was not only to repay for the sins of my ancestors but I felt certain that the Lord would make better use of this power to help save the world.

To save those that have sinned with the power of the Las Plagas and to cleanse the their souls creating a world without sinners. The way it was meant to be. Once cleansed, they would become one of the many Ganados where they will find their reason to live.

And after the Lord has succeeded in creating the world in which he has envisioned, then the sins of my Salazar family will be atoned for.












The memo overflows with a religious, confirming Ramon Salazar's devotion to Los Iluminados. His ancestor sealed the Plaga long ago, but Ramon has since spontaneously initiated an excavation, thus freeing them. It is shown that this action is urged to do this as atonement for his family's sins.[2][excerpt 1]


A piece of concept art with the note "8th Castellan's Memo 2" (8代目城主のメモ2 8-Daime jōshu no memo 2?) that can found within the game's files indicates that this memo once had a sequel.




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