The Castle wall (城壁?)[1] area is where Los Iluminados monks (called Cultists) are introduced as the primary enemies. Cultists will use catapults to toss fire at Leon, who must use a large cannon to destroy the massive gates blocking entry into the next area.


A large cannon can be found under the castle which can be brought up by rotating the crank located just above it. The large cannon can be used to destroy the massive gates. A Merchant can be found beyond those gates.


The black cloaked Cultists manning the catapults will die from any damage, so it is best to use either a handgun or the TMP to kill them. Shooting the explosive barrels found near three of the four catapults is also a good strategy. The red cultist will not man the catapult, and therefore may be left alive. Once a catapult no longer has a Cultist manning it, it will stop firing. This makes traversing the area much safer, both for Leon to stay alive and for him to keep Ashley alive. To progress, the large cannon in the center of the area must be raised and fired to destroy the gate that blocks entry into the castle.

Should Leon leave Ashley too far behind when clearing the area, she will eventually be grabbed by Cultists. Therefore, the player should keep her close. A small room further into the area houses a scythe-wielding Cultist, but once killed, is a safe area for Ashley to wait while Leon works on destroying the gate. A chest can also be found behind this house that holds a Gold Bangle.


Location Action Localization Original script
The cannon while it is down CHECK Hmm... It looks like this still works. There's gotta be a mechanism somewhere to pull this thing up.
The large door CHECK It won't budge! It's probably locked from the other side. It's gonna take a lot of firepower to destroy this gate.
The raised cannon after using it CHECK No use for this anymore.




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