The cathedral (大聖堂 Taiseidō?)[1] is a structure within the castle.


It houses a bizarre several-story tall Mech based on Ramon Salazar, himself, referred to as either the "Salazar statue" or "Robo-Salazar".


Eleven cultists populate this room - ten "Black Cultists" (黒邪教徒 Kuro yokoshima kyōto?) lead by one "Red Cultist" (赤邪教徒 Aka yokoshima kyōto?). Ten of them are armed with flails, with an eleventh being armed instead with a crossbow.[1]

First levelEdit

At the start of the loading zone, ten Handgun rounds can be found next to the Typewriter. A Velvet Blue and a randomized item can be found on either side of the first ladder. Another randomized item can be found next to the ladder on the other side.

Second levelEdit

On the second level, randomized items can be found against the corners near the ladders on either side of the level.

Third levelEdit

On the third level, a Spinel can be found on the top-left level, with two more randomized items on the right. Two flail-armed cultists are present on the right side at 1,400 hitpoints, each. Two more can be found on the left side at 1,000 and 1,200 hitpoints.

In order to proceed to the next area, player must raise the bridge that will allow Leon to pass through by locating two levers; the first one is on the first level and the other one is on the second level.





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