The Clocktower (時計茎 Tokei kuki?)[1] is an area in Resident Evil 4 which Leon enters after Ashley is kidnapped by a Novistador.


Many interconnecting gears can be found inside the Clocktower. There are multiple levels accessed by ladders, and various items such as ammo are scattered throughout.


There are three floors. To progress, Leon must look for three small obstructions in the gears, and then pull a lever on the top floor to rotate the bridge outside the clocktower, allowing Leon to walk to the next area. After successfully operating the lever, many zealots will arrive armed with crossbows and dynamite.


Location Action Localization Original script
The boarded gate OPEN The gate's securely shut. I'd better find another way.
The iron barred gate OPEN I bet there's a way to raise this metal lattice.
The lever before removing the block OPERATE Damn! Something's jammed in the gears.




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