The dance hall (舞踏ホール Butō hōru?)[1] is an area of the castle. Upon entering the room, Ashley Graham will be captured by the Novistadores. The giant Novistador nest hanging from the ceiling can be destroyed at any point to obtain a number of "eye" jewels. In order to exit this room, Leon must pull a lever, followed by shooting the chains holding up the drawbridge. Once the bridge has been lowered, Leon can cross and continue.


A giant nest of Novistadores can be seen hanging above the ceiling. A bridge is held up by two chains.


The player enters the area in a hallway containing breakable vases and searchable cabinets, where the player can find an egg (inside of a snake), ammo, and pesetas. At the end of the hallway is the door to the room with the Novistador nest. However, that room can be entered in two ways. The first is directly, through the doors. The second is indirectly, by climbing out the window just before the doors, heading up the ladder, and jumping down into the room from the side. Along the way to the side entrance, the player can find a red herb and a second Butterfly Lamp.

Once the player reaches the room with the nest, the player can shoot it. After enough damage is done, a small cut scene will play showing the entire nest falling from the ceiling. Once this happens, a large number of "eye" jewels can be picked up from there, which can be placed in the newly obtained Butterfly Lamp (or the previous one). By proceeding ahead, another cut scene will play and Ashley will be kidnapped by a Novistador. The player's goal is to lower the bridge in order to get to the outside of the clock tower. The player should first deal with any attacking Novistadores, who can be instantly killed with a single handgun bullet if they are flying or hanging on the nest (assuming it is still intact). Additional "eye" jewels can be obtained. Afterward, the player can progress by pulling the lever and then shooting the chains holding up the bridge.


Location Action Localization Original script
The lever CHECK (view lever) It's a level for the bridge! Turn the lever? (Choice: Yes / No)




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