The knight room (騎士の間 ?)[1] is an area of the castle. This room marks Leon's only encounter with the Armaduras.


The King's Grail is found at the center of the room.


Upon taking the King's Grail, a gate will seal off the room, and the first of two waves of Armaduras will be released. Upon damaging the silver Armaduras enough, each will sprout a Type A Plaga. Once they are all dead, a second wave of black Armaduras will spawn, which are more dangerous in large part because they sprout Type B Plagas. Players should leave Ashley in the connecting hallway before taking the grail; in that way, when the room is sealed, Ashley is safely outside and the player can focus on battling the Armaduras rather than keeping Ashley safe.


Location Action Localization Original script
The King's Grail TAKE "May wrath of evil befall the one who disturbs this holy grail" Take the King's Grail? (Choice: Yes / No)




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