The mine (採掘場 Saikutsuba?)[1] is an area underneath the castle. In this area, Leon must reactivate a mine cart in order to deliver a stick of dynamite, which is needed to blow away a boulder.


A huge boulder blocking the path to the furnace. A dynamite can be found inside a cart where it can be obtain by pulling the lever. However, the breaker was cut which needs to be operated also. A chainsaw Man will appear once Leon fix the breaker. The dynamite can be obtain once the cart is lower down, and should be place at the boulder where it can destroy it.



Location Action Localization Original script
The sign CHECK "CAUTION: Overloading Dynamite On Trolly Will Trip Circuit Break!"
The Plaga remains CHECK (view cart) These Plagas on the rocks appear to be fossilized. Just how old are these things? ミイラ化した寄生体が鉱石に付着している…
The boulder CHECK (view boulder) This boulder is blocking the path.
The breaker while supplied OPERATE (view breaker) It's a circuit breaker. Electricity is being supplied. There's no need to operate this anymore.
The lever OPERATE It's a lever to move the trolley. Pull the lever? (Choice: Yes / No)
The lever after lowering the trolly OPERATE (view lever) There's no need to use this anymore.




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