Old aqueduct B (旧用水路B?)[1] is part of the sewers underneath the castle. This part of the aqueduct is the location of the Verdugo boss fight. Walking into the lift will start Chapter 4-2.


A couple of LN2 nitrogen tanks can be located in this area. Leon need to switch on the power for the elevator to operate, and by doing so, he encounter the Verdugo. The Verdugo attacks from the ceiling or below using its tails and claws. Reaching the power room, Leon was trapped after switching on the power where the electronic door was locked for approximately four minutes. Upon defeating the Verdugo, the elevator will arrive. Shortly after that, a cutscene involving Saddler and Krauser is played.


When the Verdugo approaches, push the Gas Canister where the creature is, and it will be stunned temporary. This is when it is vulnerable and the best chance to attack.


Location Action Localization Original script
The tanks before the battle CHECK "LN2"? It's a liquid nitrogen tank. What's it doing here?
The elevator before turning the power on CHECK It's an elevator shaft. Bring the elevator up? (Choice: Yes / No)
Attempting to bring the elevator up before turning it on It's not responding. The power must be out.
The power lever CHECK It's a power unit. Turn the power on? (Choice: Yes / No)
The shutter door after turning the power on CHECK The area must be locked down for safety reasons. I hope it's temporary. Open the shutter? (Choice Yes / No)





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