The storeroom (物置?) is a Location found in Resident Evil 4. This is the Location where you have to solve the Shifting Stone Puzzle with the Stone Tablet as Ashley to obtain the Serpent Ornament and the Salazar Family Insignia where the dais can now be turn. This is also the first area where you fight the Armadura.


A musty corridor lined with suits of armor. A sliding tile puzzle blocks access to the final room. 


On a chair next to the entrance is a Spinel. Once the sliding tile puzzle is completed, the door at the end of the hall will open, allowing access to a room containing a Spinel inside a cabinet, a gold bangle in a chest, and a bigger, blue chest with the Salazar Family Insignia. When the Insignia is obtained, the wall it's on spins around, revealing another chest containing the key item Serpent Ornament

Puzzle Content

Non-optional puzzle

A sliding tile puzzle sits in the second to last room in this area, at the end of the long corridor. The Stone Tablet from the previous room is required to complete it. There are absolutely no hints on how to complete this puzzle, it is up to the player to figure out.  SOLUTION SPOILER: Move the leftmost piece into the middle, then starting from the bottom left, and moving counter-clockwise, move every tile until the game stops you and requests the final piece. Inserting this piece will complete the puzzle and allow access to the final room.


Location Action Localization Original script
The closed door CHECK Shoot! It's locked. But there's no keyhole on this door... What do I do?
The slide puzzle CHECK (view puzzle) It looks like all the pieces from a symbol of some sort. But I can't really tell. Rearrange the pieces? (choice: Yes / No)
The slide puzzle after moving the pieces in place. CHECK There's still a piece missing.
The slide puzzle after placing the Stone Tablet into the unoccupied space. CHECK You placed the Stone Tablet .




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