The study (書斎?)[1] is the first room in which the player, after assuming the role of Ashley, will encounter an enemy.


The library is guarded by two zealots. Ashley can kill them by throwing oil lamps, which explode into flames when they make contact. A dais can also be found here, however it can't be turned without the Salazar Family Insignia.


Ashley has no weapons on-hand and must therefore rely on the environment. While there are two zealots guarding the area, Ashley can either run from them by crawling underneath furniture or through a hole in the wall, or kill them by throwing the lamps.


Location Action Localization Original script
The door to the Concourse OPEN I don't want to go back this way.
The dais CHECK Huh? Wait a sec. There's a round hole in the center.
The wall decoration near the switch CHECK (view decoration) Hey, I feel a draft from down here. Maybe there's a secret passage on the other side.
The dais after inserting the Salazar Family Insignia CHECK Turn the dais? (choice: Yes / No)
The door to the upper floor of the concourse OPEN (unlock door sound) You unlocked it.




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