Simply known as the "tower ( ?)",[1] it is a structure within the castle. After trying to kill Leon by throwing him into a spike-filled pit, Salazar took Ashley Graham to the tower to perform a ritual to make her a member of the Los Iluminados. Leon gave chase, climbing the tower, killing the numerous Cultists in his way and making it to the top to try to save Ashley before it's too late.


There are two Cultists that had prepared to attack Leon from the top of the tower by throwing barrels down the hallway. Leon must use the elevator to proceed to the top while a horde of Cultists will jump into the elevator. If it has three or more people standing on it, the elevator will be unable to move due to limited weight.


Before you even get in the Tower, there will be a QTE during a cutscene, after that, the player should pick up a Yellow Herb hidden inside a treasure chest behind some blocks, proceed towards the stairs and at some point Cultists will activate a mechanism to throw barrels down the staircase to try to hit Leon.

After you've defeated them, kill the Cultist throwing dynamites and get on the elevator, push the two boxes out of it and activate the elevator. Cultists will start jumping on it, trying to stop you from reaching the top, it's recommended to have a shotgun at this point because the player doesn't have much space to dodge the incoming attacks.

When Leon reaches the top, follow the path and pick all the ammo and healing items you can get, there will be another elevator at the end, it leads to the top of the tower, there is a merchant and typewriter beside the door leading to the Salazar boss fight.


Location Action Localization Original script
The door to the Cathedral CHECK I can't go back this way.
The lift controls OPERATE It's a lift. Go up? (Choice: Yes / No)




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