The tower summit (塔頂上 Tō chōjō?)[1] is where the boss fight with a transformed Ramon Salazar takes place.


The elevator shaft used by Salazar to reach the summit can be seen closed off by an iron gate on the lower portion of the area on the left side. Salazar reveals that the ritual with Ashley had already been completed and she was taken to a remote island. Salazar then merges himself and his remaining Verdugo guard with the grotesque Queen Plaga residing on the back wall. Ammo can be found around the boss arena, most on the lower area inside barrels.


Leon need only run forward to trigger the cutscene that will lead to the boss fight. Once it begins, Leon must shoot the eyeball on the center Verdugo until Salazar reveals himself at the top of the base of the monster. After enough damage is done to Salazar, the monster will die and it will drop 50,000. Leon can then jump down, and climb up the ladder leading to the exit door.




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