The underground waterway (地下水路 Chika suiro?)[1] is a large set of chambers to the east of the temple within the castle.


The area is divided into a number of chambers, starting with the namesake underground waterway, then a small prison complex, and finally a trap room. The first two areas are inhabited by Novistadores. The trap room is filled with swinging axes.


In order to progress, the player must travel through the pathway behind the prison cells to find a valve which will drain a pool of water and allow Leon to continue. Leon can break down some of the doors to the cells for items and Luis' Memo. He will encounter Novistadores either way, some coming from holes in the ceiling, some emerging from cell doors (including one who knocks down an locked cell that has an Incendiary grenade in it. The Butterfly Lamp, a valuable treasure which can be combined with the variously colored eyes dropped by the Novistadores, can be found in the valve room.

After making it out of the prison complex, there is a hallway with swinging blades which requires Leon to time his running and jumping to avoid getting hit.


Location Action Localization Original script
The far left or closer right door in the cell area, and the one door in the hall OPEN This door's too rusted and it won't budge!
The corpse CHECK It looks like he was alive until just recently. Judging by the wound, it was a quick death.
The water before its drained CHECK (view the gate) There's gotta be a way to drain the water.
The valve CHECK (view valve) It looks like a drainage valve. Drain the water? (choice: Yes / No)




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