The western castle wall (西側城壁?)[1] is the western side of the castle, overlooking the valley.


It features a water fountain with crows perched on it and a locked room along the wall.


Main Game

The first door Leon comes to is locked from the other side and cannot be opened until destroying the lock from the other side, accessed via the Dining hall. When Leon comes to the fountain, each of the crows perched atop it has a guaranteed drop of Pesetas and should be shot. There is also a few common treasures lying in the water.

Once Leon has access to the previously mention locked room he will have an easier time traversing this section of the castle, as well as access to a few items in the room. Be wary, there is a snake in one of the boxes.

The door near the fountain is locked and the room behind it can only be accessed with the Piggyback command after Ashley Graham is saved. Inside multiple items can be found inside chests, including a free Broken Butterfly.

Separate Ways

In Separate Ways, Ada must come here to obtain the Hourglass w/ Gold Decor, which in her scenario is considered a key item. The area can be accessed from either entrance point, as Ada can choose to go either here or to the Castle/Dining hall after escaping the Garden. The area is populated with crossbow Zealots as well as some red-cloaked Zealots.

The hourglass is located behind the locked door, where Ada must Hook Shot over the wall. Be aware there is a masked, red-robed cultist in the room waiting for her. Inside the large chest is where the hourglass resides, which after obtaining allows Ada to leave.


Main game

Location Action Localization Original script
The locked door OPEN (view wall) It won't open. It's locked from the other side. With a little help from another person, I just might be able to get in from up there.
The parlour door after saving Ashley OPEN There's no need to go back.

Separate Ways

Location Action Localization Original script
The locked door OPEN (first time, view wall) It won't open.
The door from the inside OPEN (locked door sound) I can't get it open. How odd...
The door to Parlor OPEN (locked door sound) I can't get it open. How odd..




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