Name Jp name Kaitai-code Notes
Shaft passage 縦穴通路 7-01 Plane crash site
Workers' room 作業員室 7-02
Passage to director's office 所長室前通路 7-03 Moths' nest
Director's office 所長室 7-04
Package sorting room 荷物仕分け室 7-05 B2 level
Chemical weapons storage 武器・薬品倉庫 7-06
Mining room 採掘室 7-07 B2 level, digging vehicule
Power supply room 電力供給室 7-08 B2 level; Links from 'Mining room'
B.O.W. warehouse B.O.W.保管倉庫 7-09
Package sorting room 荷物仕分け室 7-10 B1 level
Mining room 採掘室 7-11 B1 level
Power supply room 電力供給室 7-12 B1 level
Metal processing room 金属加工室 7-13
Antarctic heliport 南極ヘリポート 7-14
Hangar 格納庫 7-15
Elevator passage エレベーター通路 7-16
Experiment underwater storage room 実験体水中保管室 7-17
Hall vestibule ホール前庭 7-18
Power distribution room passage 配電室前通路 7-19

Underground power distribution room

地下配電室 7-20
Sterilization room 滅菌室 7-21 Replicated Mansion room
Ant hill room アリ塚部屋 7-22
Alexia's laboratory アレクシア研究室 7-23
Alexia's room アレクシアルーム 7-24 The room where Alexia's capsule is kept; where she was awoken
Antarctic hall 南極ホール 7-25 Albert and Alexia's encounter
Living room 居間 7-26
L-shaped corridor L字廊下 7-27
Underground detention chamber 地下監禁室 7-28
Bastille 牢獄 7-29 Steve Monster
Hidden corridor 隱し廊下 7-30 it's up the staircase in the Antactic Hall; straight head
Library 図書室 7-31
Alfred's bedroom アルフレッド寝室 7-32 Replicated room
Alexia's bedroom アレクシア寝室 7-33 Replicated room
Hidden room 隱し部屋 7-34 Above Alfred's Bedroom
Gene laboratory 遺伝子研究室 7-35 Alexander's lab
Control room passageway 制御室前通路 7-36 Final Alexia battle.
Control room 制御室 7-37 Code is Veronica...

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