All right, I think a few things need to be addressed.

"Five-seveN" is not a typo. The N in "seven" was deliberately emphasized by its manufacturer, Fabrique Nationale, or FN.

The Killer7 is NOT the M1911A1, it is the AMT Hardballer Longslide, a modified copy of the M1911. Arnold Schwarzenegger used the Hardballer in "The Terminator", and since the Killer7 is based off of Schwarzenegger's pistol, the gun's model is expected to be the same. In addition, the Killer7 appears to have a longer slide than the typical M1911A1; this is a trait of the Hardballer Longslide.

YES, FOR THE LAST TIME, THE THOMPSON IS A SUBMACHINE GUN. A submachine gun is defined as being a handheld, fully-automatic firearm that fires pistol cartridges. The Thompson fires .45 ACP pistol rounds and is therefore classified as a submachine gun. Although it's clearly not compact compared to most SMGs today, the Thompson was among the first of its kind and was certainly more compact than, say, an M1 Garand rifle.

Yes, I know more about guns than is probably healthy, but that's another issue for another time. :P

Leon Kennedy by Pilislayer
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FINALLY!! Someone agrees with me!! The Killer7 IS the Colt 19111, as I tried to put in last time. I should know, I have a model at home.

You realize that the AMT Hardballer is basically a copy of the 1911, right?

Screw it, I don't care anymore...

There IS a difference. The basic design is a copy, but there are many differences in the body and slide (emphasis on the LONGslide). I know, because I've stripped both down (the real ones, not models).

Also, I corrected the entry that the Handgun was a USP, and gave the reasons why it could not possibly be a USP. Then someone simply erased it. Why, may I ask? I thought the idea was to correct FALSE information.

And to the first user on this page, too much gun knowledge is never enough.

-GunFreak 01:50, 15 October 2008 (UTC)

The reason I said that the Killer7 was based on the Hardballer Longslide rather than the M1911 because it looks like it was based on the pistol that Arnold Schwarzenegger used in the original "Terminator" film. (Which, to my knowledge, was a Hardballer Longslide with a laser sight mounted above it.) Maybe the Killer7 lacks the long slide. Maybe I misidentified Arnie's gun. I'm not sure. Can someone verify this?


Also, some other person wants to erase this wiki page because "Reason: Already have seperate [sic] pages on the weapons listed". This doesn't seem reasonable. For one, the separate pages don't include all of the game's weapons and some of them seem incomplete. Either we need to create separate pages for every weapon in RE4, written to the same standards, or simply delete them all and revert to using only this page. I personally think it would be more convenient for all of the weapons to be on this one page. It's already finished, for one, would be easier to manage, and perhaps wouldn't take as much bandwidth.

In short, I say we keep the list of weapons and delete the individual pages instead. What do you think?

Leon Kennedy by Pilislayer
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Well, basically we have all the pages of the weapons, but I wanna keep this page. FORERUNNER! XD
It's too hard to manage. This page is commonly edited and some of it's information is unreliable. Then I noticed that they had their own pages already.Forerunner 01:02, 23 October 2008 (UTC)

First of all, how is its information unreliable?

Secondly, how would it be any different if the weapons each got their own separate pages? They'd still be commonly edited, and it's only natural for editors to make mistakes.

Lastly, not all of the RE4 weapons have their own pages. Only a few of them do; the Riot Gun, the P.R.L. 412, Punisher, Blacktail, Chicago Typewriter, TMP, and Mine Thrower. None of the other weapons have their own page. Either create separate pages for the remaining weapons or keep this list.


Addendum: Forerunner has sent me a message.

"By "Seperate pages," I meant, pages outside of the List. So...the Handgun, the knife and the Shotgun (normal) have their own articles shared with weapons from other games, with the same name. The reason why I said "unreliable," is because it is commonly edited and certain facts commonly changed, then changed again...and again...ect."

Of course it's commonly edited. Not all of the information is accurate and sometimes it may need some adjustments. If you want the page to stop being edited, restrict it or something.

Many of the separate pages also don't list important information about the weapons, such as their price, stat tables, how much space they take up, etc. etc. The page for the Punisher in particular springs to mind. Not to mention there are still multiple weapons on the list that still don't have a separate page.

Finally, a list such as this makes it easier for players to compare the weapons side-by-side rather than having to open up multiple pages. I honestly don't see why we have to delete the list. Perhaps I'm being biased or ignorant, but the page seemed to be doing well enough. - 23:09, October 27, 2008 (UTC)

Actualy, I have created pages for ALL of the mentioned weaponsForerunner 11:49, 7 November 2008 (UTC)

In that case, bind every single one of them under the "Resident Evil 4 Weapons" category. In addition, the Grenades, Bowgun, and Krauser's Bow lack their own pages. If you do that, then I'll copy-paste the information from this list onto those pages to make sure they're up to the same standard. You can edit them as you see fit, adding pictures or stat tables or what-have-you. After the pages are done, you can delete the list. Is this acceptable? 02:36, November 8, 2008

Fine. Krouser's Bow is under Bowgun... How about we use the Resident Evil 4 Weapons category...that way it's a list that can't be vandelised or anything...Forerunner 05:14, 8 November 2008 (UTC)

OK. Copy-paste the info from this list onto those pages so they're up to the same standard, spice them up with pictures and stat tables and whatever, restrict the pages so they can't be vandalized, and then delete this list. If there's an error in the pages, we'll let you know so you can fix them. Is that okay?

Finished the information in the pages for the Bowgun, [[Blacktail], P.L.R. 412, Punisher, Mine Thrower, Chicago Typewriter, all three magnums, all three shotguns as well as the Riot Gun page, and created a page for Leon's Handgun. Most of these still need pictures. --GunFreak 22:08, 8 November 2008 (UTC)

Would it be appropriate to add either a section to the pre-existing upgrade charts or to create a new chart showing at what point each upgrade becomes available? I've always thought having this information handy would be helpful for new runs. -SSJWesker

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