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Cathy White was an undercover BSAA agent who was abducted and infected by Glenn Arias during the Querétaro mansion incident. Cathy and her son, Zack White were both killed during the incident.[1]


Not much was known about Cathy aside from her being an undercover BSAA agent and Zack's mother. She seemed to be a caring and loving person as Chris Redfield mourned her death.

Querétaro mansion incident and Death[]

A few weeks prior to the Querétaro mansion incident, the undercover BSAA agent Cathy White was declared missing alongside her son, Zack White. She was investigating Glenn Arias at the time of her disappearance and as such, Glenn was the prime suspect in her kidnapping.

When the BSAA uncovered evidence that Glenn Arias was using an old mansion in the Mexican state of Querétaro, they requested a Mexican army squad accompany Chris Redfield to the location. There were two objectives in this mission: Find Cathy White and Zach White and arrest Glenn Arias.

When Glenn introduced his 'product' to Chris Redfield outside the Querétaro Mansion, it turned out that Cathy had been captured and subsequently zombified by Arias. He then restrained her by a chain to be led by Diego Gómez until he released her upon the injured Chris. She attempted to attack Chris with other zombies behind her but reinforcements arrived. One of the soldiers fired gatling gun and killed all the zombies, including Cathy in the process. Chris held her corpse and screamed in rage.


Further Notes[]


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