Caution for Experiment Handling is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2.


The file is found inside a small room with two shelf, the file can be obtained from one of those shelf.


The sensors that the experiments have been equipped with will measure the adrenaline and nor-epinephrine levels to calculate the fear the subject is experiencing. The colors will change accordingly.

Green: Normal
Orange: Anxiety
Blinking Red: Fear
Red: Mutation

If the subject's sensor should change to red, they are already in the mutation phase. Shoot them immediately.

実験体の状態を表すセンサーは、 アドレナリンとノルアドレナリンの分泌量による”恐怖” の度合いによって色が変化する。

緑: 平常
橙: 緊張
赤点滅: 恐怖
赤: 発症

実験中に実験体のセンサーが ”赤”
すなわち ”発症” した場合は、 即射殺せよ。


Further notes

  • The official translator states that the sensor detects Norepinephrine secretions. The original script actually refers to Noradrenaline, another name for the same substance.



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