The Caves is an area of Resident Evil 5. Chris, Sheva and Josh arrive at the entrance of the caves using a small boat. Determine to find out about Tricell and Excella, they continue their journey here but Josh leaves the two. The Caves serve as the entrance to the Ndipaya Kingdom.


In the entrance of the case, the motor boat hooded Jill took from the Oil Field Dock is parked at the deck.


Inside the hut, there are two breakables pots and a vase out side of it. After getting inside of the large area of the cave, a short scene will play where Bui Kichwa emerge from the ground and attack the player. Another group will attack the player when the approach the ladder.

Passed the ladder in a smaller cave, there is a vase, a chest with a Topaz (Trilliant) inside, and a Sapphire (Pear) that can be shot off the wall which can be seen after facing away from the chest. Walking out of the small cave will cause another group of Bui Kichwa to spawn.

Upon climbing the ladder, one Bui Kichwa spawns in front of the player. On the bridge there are two vases, and a BSAA Emblem can be seen on here in the lower ravine.

Up ahead, there is a Emerald (Pear) inside a torch. Reaching this point will cause many Bui Kichwa to spawn and they will eventually crawl up the tunnel and reach the player here. In the next torch there is a Sapphire (Square). At the end of the tunnel, there are two animal skulls that drop a Sapphire (Pear) and a Ruby (Pear), and a torch that can be broken that holds a Topaz (Pear).

Through the door leads to the Ancient Village.


Location Action Localization Original script
The motorboat which hooded Jill had use before Investigate The motorboat's key is missing.



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