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For the 1996 version, see The Ceiling Trap.

Ceiling is a cutscene in Resident Evil. With Jill Valentine, the Broken Shotgun does not always need to be obtained. If Jill did not encounter Barry Burton after they split up in the main hallway, he will rescue Jill before she is killed by the trap. However, if Jill did encounter Barry, he will not appear and Jill must also use the Broken Shotgun to get past the trap.


Jill Valentine: "Oh God… What did I do now?"
"Wesker! Barry! Help!"

Barry Burton: "Jill? You in there?"

Jill: "Barry? Get me out of here! The door's jammed!"

Barry: "Stand back!"
"Grab my hand!"

Jill: "Barry!"

Barry: "That was a close one. A second late, you would've fit nicely into a sandwich!"

Jill: "Really. Thanks."
"But Barry, didn't you say you were going back to the dining room to find other clues? I'm glad an' all, but why are you here?"

Barry: "I just had something I wanted to… check. Anyway, we should get back to searching for Wesker and Chris."

Jill: "Thanks, Barry."
"I owe you one."

Barry: "Don't mention it."

Jill Valentine: 「ちょっと    どうなってるの!?」
「ウェスカー! バリー!」

Barry Burton: 「ジル! いるのかっ!」

Jill: 「バリー!? ドアが開かないの!」

Barry: 「下がってろ!」

Jill: 「バリー!」

Barry: 「危ないところだったなサンドイッチが出来上がるところだったぜ」

Jill: 「本当ね助けてくれてありがとうでも食堂を調べるって言ってたわよね?」

Barry: 「気になるところがあってなさて迷子のウェスカーとクリスの捜索に戻るか」

Jill: 「ありがとう    バリー借りができたわね」

Barry: 「ああ… 」